TV Service Center in Hyderabad

TV Service Center in Hyderabad

LED / LCD TV Service center

Today, every household irrespective of their economic background owns a Television set.

With the advancements in technology there have been an increase in the production of LED TVs of varied resolutions. And owning a TV is not as expensive as it used to be.

But having a TV set comes with its own set of problems or downsides. And besides everyone owns a TV 98% of households face some kind of technical issues every now and then as the time passes by. If you’re one of such houses who are facing technical difficulties with your TV then this article is dedicated to you! This article is your one stop shop for information of TV Service centers in Hyderabad.

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LED / LCD TV Service Center in Hyderabad

All in one-Professional TV Service Center:

If you’re wondering if we handle service only for a particular brand of TV, then you’re mistaken. We are a team of experienced and professional servicemen, who have worked with all kinds of TVs regardless of make, model or year. Our team has nit-picked repairmen who have been evaluated on their skill, expertise and knowledge of TVs. Our TV Centers in Hyderabad can diagnose and treat issues of LED, LCD, or any other kind of TV sets of any brands.

We conduct service very professionally and maintain records of every service we attend to. These records help us in learning about user problems quickly and allow us to attend to the issue in a more efficient way. No matter what your issue with the TV is, our ingenious team will take care of it and bring it back to its perfect shape. 


Common TV Service Problems observed in Latest TV Sets:
  1. TV turns on but you have audio issue
  2. You observe a flat horizontal line on your TV Screen
  3. Issues with LED Panels of the TV, you will see a spot that never goes off even after you turn it on and off
  4. Picture distortion and discoloration
  5. Audio output quality seems off
  6. TV turns on, but you only see a green/black screen with no picture

These are some of the common TV problems, our TV Service Centers in Hyderabad observe on a daily basis. If you happen to face the same issue and didn’t pay much attempt to these problems, well that means your TV needs to repaired immediately.


How do we operate?

We have service centers pan Hyderabad. Whenever you need us, you can call our service centers directly and explain them about the issues your facing with your TV. Once our service team talks to you and understand what is going on with the Television, they will book an appointment with you based on your schedule. 

TV Service Centers in Hyderabad operate from Monday to Sunday. So, feel free to get in touch with us, we are available every day of the week. We offer door-to-door service to ease your portability issues and we bring with us all the required tools and equipment required to repair your TV.

Once you schedule an appointment, our service team will meet you at your doorstep. They will diagnose the TV of any brand you own, identify the core problem and recommend you best and affordable solutions to get your TV repaired. After you feel okay with the pricing which by the way includes service charges for the repairmen, the service team will quickly resolve the issue with utmost care and perfection towards the product.

If in case, your TV repair needs extra material or part replacements, our team will let you know the pricing of the part and also provide you information regarding the warranty of that part that is being replaced. We at TV Service Center in Hyderabad offer a highly professional service, hence once the service is complete, we ask you to sign the paperwork and handover you the warranty cards of the parts that are replaced while repairing your Television. And you don’t have to worry about the parts that are being replaced, because we care about our customers, we always carry original brand replacement parts and provide you with a warranty card of that particular brand. 


Round the Clock Service with Competitive Pricing:

As discussed earlier we work all week, every day ensuring that the end needs are met. We understand that customers get leisure time at unexpected dates and times. To accommodate this, our tv service centers in Hyderabad will answer your call at any time and assist you with required service at any moment in the week. All you have to do is call us at any one of the numbers mentioned below and we will be right at your door step within no time! We are known for quick turnarounds and efficient service provisions throughout the metropolitan city.

When it comes to pricing, official brand service centers charge around Rs 350/- only for visiting your place. And if there is any repair that needs to amended then you can surely expect to spend thousands regardless of the work done. Keeping this in mind, we made sure that our service should not be a burden to our customers but it should, in actuality solve the issues at hand without costing the customers their fortune. We charge a very competitive price for the service offered which includes service charges within the package. If in case, the TV needs parts replacement we get you original parts at a very reasonable price. Also, if the bill seems heavy to pay, we offer discounts to these customers.

As a part of service, we get back to the customers to inquire about TV performance making sure that everything is okay and the customer is satisfied with our service. We also recommend our customers to look into annual maintenance of their TV, as TVs of all brands wear off easily if proper care is not provided. This is just like your bike or car servicing which you conduct periodically, the same applies to your household appliances like for your TV too. 



We have TV Service centers in Hyderabad and Secunderabad and provide door-to-door the best TV service throughout the city from Monday to Sunday. Feel free to contact us to know more details.

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