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Sony TV Service Center in Hyderabad

Sony TV Service center Hyderabad

Every now and then your TV starts acting in a weird way, that’s when you realize something is off with your Sony TV.

To resolve this issue, you will contact the official Sony support, but you will be put on hold because you are put under a list containing 1000s of similar requests. To avoid this kind of situation, we at Sony TV Service Center Hyderabad, has made it our goal to revert back to the customer seeking repair assistance within 24 hours from his/her point of contact.

We are a TV Service Center who undertake repair & maintenance orders for all major TV Service brands but we specialize in operating and resolving Sony TV issues. Our team of diligent technicians are well versed in the field of TVs, they know every minute detail of a Sony TV, how it operates, what are all the parts required, what is wrong with a TV just by quickly analysing your Sony TV and they start repairing your TV instantly based off of their diagnosis.

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Sony TV Service Center in Hyderabad

How it works?

We offer doorstep service throughout the metropolitan city of Hyderabad. All you have to do is contact us using our contact details. Our support team at the Sony TV Service Center Hyderabad, gets in touch with you and guide you through the next steps. These steps include the following:

  • Once you get in touch with our support team, you can explain the situation with your TV to our operatives, the technicians will review your conversation and schedule an appointment for a doorstep service. 
  • The Technicians will then arrive at your destination with the required tools and equipment, and they will offer a free service estimation for analysing the problem with your TV, the official Sony TV support will usually cost you separately for the visit and diagnosis of your Sony TV, we don’t do that. 
  • After a complete diagnosis, the technicians will then explain you the problem with your TV and suggests few repairs and also tells you if there is any need for a part replacement. 
  • Only if you agree to all the suggestions and recommendations by our expert technicians, they will move forward with the service, if you feel uncomfortable or want a second opinion, feel free to look into other options. Rest assured, we value customer’s opinions and believe in transparent communication between customer and the technicians.  
  • The technician will then continue with his repair work, while you rest and watch. If there are any part replacements, the technicians will only use Genuine Sony TV parts which they carry all the time from Sony TV Service Center Hyderabad. 
  • They will hand over to you the warranty for the replaced parts for future use. 
  • They will ask you to sign the paperwork and prompt you for your feedback, to allow us understand our technicians and their work. Feedback helps us understand and improve ourselves for our prospective customers.

This is how we operate throughout Hyderabad, aiming for a 100% Customer satisfaction.

Skilled/Expert Technicians

Every technician we work with, has more than 10+ years of experience. Sony TV Service Center Hyderabad, only hires technicians based on their previous work experience, and their skill and knowledge of Sony TVs.

Because we want to be the best of the best. We make sure every technician has a clear-cut idea of every type of Sony TVs be it LCDs, CRT TVs or even Plasma TVs from the Sony Company. We also make sure a proper training is provided to the new comers who wish to learn from our expert technicians. Every team member is expected to learn new technologies or methodologies to keep themselves up to date. Due to this practice we own a technician team who are confident to operate on any model of Sony TV of any size without any hassle.

Ultimately, this business mainly relies on the technicians we take extreme pride in announcing that our team is filled with experts and skilled technicians who know what they are doing. 


Parts and Pricing

Every part that is replaced in your Sony TV is a genuine Sony part. You can verify that with the official Sony stores. We may sound bold, but as discussed earlier, being transparent with customers is what makes us a customer favourite Sony TV Service Center Hyderabad.

Technicians carry with them, all the replacement parts of Sony TV, all these parts if bought from an official Sony store would cost you a lot more, so we take the liberty to buy these parts for you and offer them at a reasonable cost. Thus, making it affordable and consumer-friendly.

Not only the pricing for the parts are reasonable, we offer services at a price range that every household of Hyderabad can safely afford to pay. We don’t charge for doorstep service, or charge based on the distance from our Sony TV Service Center Hyderabad to your location. We only charge for the service and repair work that is done during our visit. We also provide discounts if the bill seems heavy for the customers or if it is a returning customer.


Why Choose Us?

Our Sony TV Service Center Hyderabad is known for its quick turnaround-doorstep service. Our specialized team of Sony TV technicians assist you with any issue you face and also help you with the maintenance of your TV once in a while.

Unlike other service centers who look to capitalize on opportunities, we stay true to our profession and the services we offer and resolve your issue in a single visit, meaning once we come down to your location and repair your Sony TV, you won’t face issues for a while or much better for a longer period of time. We offer our services at a very affordable price range and most importantly we aim to please our customers and deliver services that bring smile to our customers. 

So, if you’re having trouble with your Sony TV, and looking for a service center to get assistance, then our Sony TV Service Center Hyderabad is your best shot!

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