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Sony LED TV Service Center in Hyderabad

Sony LED TV Service center

Sony LED Tv’s are the most popular brands known. It has been manufacturing a wide range of televisions with different kinds of features.

These features have been liked by the customers and has become one of the bestselling TV manufacturers around the world. Also, it has gained popularity around the globe and has been the toughest competitor for other manufacturers. Bravia series which is launched by Sony manufacturers has become most popular and also the bestselling television because of the splendid features provided by the manufacturer. The Swipe feature was also introduced in Sony Bravia.

So, one of the best televisions which have very unique features with good video and audio quality. There are also bombarded speakers that are available in the LED televisions. So, there are situations where customers might face some technical issues with the televisions like poor video quality or damage in picture display and default in speakers, etc..,. So, we at Sony TV Center Service Hyderabad ensure that all these issues are resolved with warranty service. It makes sure that all the repairs that is done to the television are safe and are also guaranteed

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Sony LED TV Service Center in Hyderabad

Sony TV Service Center Hyderabad have some special services for their customers:

Qualified Technicians:

The technicians that Sony TV Service Center Hyderabad provide are well experienced, qualified and possess professional skills. They also have very good technical knowledge related to television and know various aspects about television, they also know what has to be done to a television if it has some issues. Most importantly, the technicians check the television thoroughly so that they can identify the defect and can analyze as to what has to be done. The equipment that is used by the technicians are also very advanced and even makes the work so much faster and easier. 

Genuine Additional parts:

The spare parts that technicians use at Sony TV Center Hyderabad are totally genuine and guaranteed by the manufacturer. We make sure that no duplicate part is assembled in the television, just to resolve the issue for temporary purpose. We always carry genuine spare parts with them. So, that the issue has been resolved permanently. The assembled guaranteed spare parts in the television ensures that the problem does not occur for a certain period of time as to the duration of guarantee of the spare part provided by the manufacturer. In case if it repeats you can just contact our customer support and can request for replacement anytime.

Committed Repair Services:

All the technicians at Sony TV Center Hyderabad are totally committed to their assigned tasks and are always at the doorstep of the customer on time. We proved 100% warranty for the service we do for the television because we make sure that all the issues are analyzed properly and repaired with genuine spare parts, so that the issue is permanently resolved. Also, we give first priority to our customer satisfaction. Whatever the customer asks we try our best to do it. Also, we never try to cheat our customers just by putting duplicate parts just to make more money out of them.


Door to Door Service:

Most of the service centers in Hyderabad do not provide door to door repair service. But we at Sony TV Center Hyderabad provide door to door service because we want to resolve issues, even by going to the customer’s doorstep. This makes the work easier to the customer, as we can just get their television repaired in their house rather than carrying it to the service center which is a lot of burden. The technicians carry all the required equipment to the customer’s doorstep and will repair in front of them. Also, we always try to demonstrate the actual problem to the customer, so that we can understand what actually is the technician trying to do.


Carrier Services:

In most of the cases the television has to be brought to the service center for the repair because of some major issue which requires some advanced equipment which we cannot carry till the customer’s doorstep. In such cases we Sony TV Center Hyderabad provide TV Pickup and Drop service. We actually go to the customer’s doorstep and analyze the issue and if any major issue is found we ourselves pick up the TV from their doorstep to the service center and get it repaired and also drop it back at the customer’s doorstep. This is service is also not available in most of the service centers in Hyderabad.


Translucent Repair Service:

We at Sony TV Center Hyderabad provide transparent services to the customers. Whatever is done is done in front of the customers. All our technicians try to demonstrate the problems to the customers, which actually builds a great interaction between them and customers can know some of the technical knowledge about the television. This can help the customers to know more about their television. Sometimes, if there is any minor issue, they can just repair it by themselves if they have any technical knowledge.


Round the Clock Customer Support:

Sony TV Center Hyderabad provide customer support 24/7. We also respond to the customers as soon as possible or within 24 hours of request. This actually builds trust among the customers. We also try to know about the problem, so that we can send requires equipment and right technician to the customer’s doorstep. Our customer support also tries to know the feedback of the customers after the repair service. This helps us to know more about our mistakes and try to resolve them.


Multiple service centers:

We have a lot of branches across Hyderabad so that we can reach out to the customers and try to solve their problems. We provide service for any kind of LED television across Hyderabad.


So, if you face any problem with your Sony LED television just contact our customer support and we will reach you out ASAP.

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