LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad

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LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad

LG LED / LCD TV Service center

If you are a resident of Metropolitan Hyderabad, and are facing issues with your LG TV then you are in the right place. We are a professional LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad.

We are known for our quick turnaround and efficient problem-solving techniques. We offer door-step TV repair services through the city of Hyderabad within 24 hours of your point of contact.

We handle services for LCD TVs, CRT TVs and/or Plasma TVs of any major brands including LG. Our team consists of highly trained technicians who are well-versed with all kinds of services that a TV may encounter. Every technician is recruited based on his technical expertise and previous work experience, rest assured, your LG TV is in safe hands.

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LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad

Leading LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad

All our customers revert back for any of the services, because they are aware of how we take care of their TVs. We empathize with our customers and try to work with them more closely and make them inclusive in our process.

Once you call us seeking for repair or assistance with any of your needs with respect to your LG TV, we make sure to attend the call and be at your doorstep within 24 hours or more often on the same day. We prioritize calls based on consumer needs and urgency. So, keep in mind to clearly state your issues with your TV while you are on call with our support team.

After sorting out your issue, our talented technicians from our LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad, will approach your destination with all the required tools based on your conversation with our support team, and quickly diagnose the issue pertaining with your LG TV and suggest you the repairs that needs to carried out to repair your Television.

We are a transparent team of technicians who are very strict with our job during repairing process, once you agree with the suggested repairs, the technicians will then indulge themselves in repairing the TV swiftly and without any hassle. They will sort out the issue, repair the LG TV within no time. 

This transparency with the customers and the professionalism of our profound technicians from LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad makes us our customers favorite and go-to option any time. 

Repairs & Services we offer:

We operate on all types of TVs ranging from LCDs to CRT TVs and even on Plasma TVs. The technicians quickly analyze the issues that are causing your TV malfunction and devise a plan or solution based on their observations. 

But the most common types of TV Services or issues we here at LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad, come across on a daily basis are as follows:

  • LG TV Screen Replacement
  • LCD Panel general maintenance
  • Audio/Video Settings Interference on LG TVs
  • TV General Maintenance
  • Setting up LG TVs or even Installation Assistance

We also help customers with the installation of a new LG TVs, so if you fall under this category, don’t hesitate to contact us, as we will be at your service for these purposes as well. 

Sometimes, the repairs get more technical, for instance, the whole motherboard may get damaged due to wearing off or short circuit, if this is the case with your television, don’t worry we do help our customers with extrinsic support as well, that too with genuine LG TV parts.

Genuine LG TV Parts

At LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad, which is an authorized service center of LG company, we only replace parts that needs replacement. Whenever there is a need to replace a part or parts in a TV Set, we leave the customer to take the decision to whether or not they want the new part, as we don’t want to force the customer and regret their decision later.

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, so if the user is ready or agrees to the need of replacing a TV part, then our technicians, who are well-equipped with the genuine parts of LG immediately replace the parts right in front of you and even provide you with the warranty that the parts come with. So, you can claim this warranty of yours, during in the future as well. 

Services at Reasonable Pricing

All the services we offer come at a very affordable pricing for all our customers. As said earlier we maintain transparency with our customers, one of the factors that plays a major role in achieving our goal is to let customers avail services at a comfortable pricing.

Our services won’t cost you extra for door-to-door service. No matter where you reside in Hyderabad, we won’t charge you based on your location. LG TV Service Center in Hyderabad only provides you genuine LG TV parts, but keep in mind we charge these parts at a reasonable price as compared to the official LG TV Service Centers.

We also like to go out of our way and offer discounts, if we feel like the service bill is tad bit heavy. Ultimately, we want the customer to feel satisfied at no extra cost. 

Why should you hire us for your TV repair?

LG TV Service center in Hyderabad, is a door-to-door LG TV repair service that has qualities that no other service center in the city has.

There are many reasons as to why you should choose us over others, some of these reasons are listed below:

  1. Reasonable Pricing for the services offered
  2. Complete transparency and Customer-Inclusive
  3. Door-to-door service
  4. No one likes if their TV gets constant issues, so we repair your Television and bring it to its first glory only in our first visit.
  5. We have technicians who are experts in repairing all types of LG TVs
  6. We offer free estimations as part of our services, consider it as a complementary
  7. Last but the most important one of all, we aim for 100% Customer Satisfaction

So, if you think we fit your needs and are looking for a LG TV Service center in Hyderabad, feel free to get in touch because we can’t wait to get back to you and solve your problems as quickly as possible. Call us right away!

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