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Geyser Service Centre in Hyderabad

You woke up this early in the morning and suddenly realized that your Geyser isn’t working or maybe you are waiting for long time to get hot water? What a disaster way to begin a day with, isn’t it?

By heating the same water on the stove, the quantity of hot water gets limited and thus having a hot shower is not an option. And heating the water on stove is tedious and time consuming where as your geyser gives you hot water by just turning your switch on. Your whole day doesn’t need to be bad or you don’t need to get late any more. We offer 24-hour door service to our customers. Call us now and get your geyser repaired in few hours by Geyser Service Centre. 

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Geyser Service Center in Hyderabad

Geyser heats water easily and quickly and thus saves time. Do you want to install a new geyser? Are you searching for a technician to install your geyser? We, Geyser service center located in Hyderabad, Telangana are available 24 X 7 at your service. With the changing needs of the generation, the technology has advanced in every field. We have solar geysers, gas geysers and electrical geysers of different brands, wide range of capacities, sizes and shapes.  We continuously upgrade our technical acquaintance to give the best service to our clients. You name any type of geyser and we at Geyser Service Centre are more than happy to provide you service within 24 hours of your service request. We have vast experience and knowledge related every type of geyser that is in market. And selecting Geyser Service Centre is the excellent choice you made where you get a trustworthy and 100 % satisfactory service.


How it works?

  1. You have to choose the service you need by calling us.
  2. We will confirm your time-slot according to your availability.
  3. Our technicians will pre-diagnose the problem and schedule the visit.
  4. We make sure to resolve the issue in the very first visit and offer you a minimal service charge.
  5. All spare parts provided during repair will be under the specified product warranty.
  6. After- service warranty of 30 days is provided to our clients. We believe in our work and we are committed to provide our unsurpassed service.

Why do you need a Geyser Technician? If you are facing any kind of problems with your geyser then it is time for you to contact the service center.

  • Installation/Uninstallation of geyser
  • Noises in Water Heater 
  • Frequent Tripping of Water Heater Breaker 
  • Leakage issues in Geyser
  • Improper Geyser Temperature
  • Hot Water Drain is Not Working
  • Damaged or broken parts to be repaired
  • No/less hot water
  • Electric Geyser Repair/Service
  • Electric geyser repair & spare part services
  • Gas Geyser Repair/Service

We all know that we are highly depended on our water heaters/geysers in our homes in our day to day life. And a little hitch will cause a disruption in our daily routine. So, make sure that it doesn’t happen make sure to put your electronic appliances in the right hands. Always get knowledgeable technicians to provide you with robust support and doesn’t fall for any deception. Get in touch with Geyser Service Centre’s well qualified and experienced technicians. We offer you best electrical geyser repair & services at your doorstep. Our technicians are highly experienced in repairing, installation and shifting any brands water heaters. We’ve well trained installers specialized in installation and un-installation of geysers. 


The services we offer are as follows:


  • 100 % GUARANTEED SPARE PARTS: We provide only warranty spare parts for your geyser. Initially you might think about buying cheap spares but those parts get damaged easily which results in frequent repairs and continuous replacements. Eventually, resulting in huge repair costs. We provide genuine spare parts at economical price.


  • WITHIN 24 HOUR HOME SERVICE:  We provide services at the earliest possible hour of your availability. Pre-diagnosis of the problem is done by our technicians based on your complaint. This helps us to provide you the service at the earliest and make you tension free.
  • SERVICE-GUARANTEE:  We also provide a 30-day service warranty for all the repairs we have done. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for Geyser Service Center, Hyderabad.


Some Geyser Maintenance TIPs from GEYSER SERVICE CENTRE:

  • Ensure that your geyser is connected to MCBs as they protect the appliance from power fluctuations.
  • Do not keep the geyser switched on for extended periods as it reduces life of the apparatus.
  • Reduce the temperature of geyser so that it doesn’t need to consume more power and results in better life.
  • Check for the coating on anode rod inside the geyser every 2-3 years. In case of corrosion, the water doesn’t heat properly.
  • Use metal inlet and outlet pipes instead of plastic ones. And regularly check for joints for deposits from hard water or rust. Accordingly change your inlet and outlet pipes. 
  • Get your annual maintenance done.
  • Keep your geyser at a height of at least 6 ft as it ensures that the water pressure is sufficient to get better hot water flow.

We, GEYSER Service Centre, hope to provide some useful insights and tips to maintain your geyser. We believe in mutual growth of our trust and your experience of working with us. GEYSER Service Center has courteous, respectful and knowledgeable technicians who can assist you with all technical support and service issues.

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